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Order completation rate problem

I have completed 7 order after an order canceled. But the order completion rate did no increase, Why?
What can I do about it?

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What is your current order completion rate. It should be 88%

No. 90%. But the rate doesn’t increase.

Because the increase of OCR percentage points (PP) depends on the total amount of orders within a determined period of time.

Being so, depending on how many PPs you have lost, and how many you want to recover, you might need to complete triple, double, same, half, etc. the amount of total orders within a given period - and that, assuming you don’t get any more cancellations.

For example, to regain 30 points, you will need to complete triple the amount of orders you had in a given period. For getting back 10 points, you will need to complete the same amount of orders you had in that same period, and to regain 5 points, you will to complete half the amount of orders.


7/8 is 87.5%, rounded to 88%

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OCR is a parameter calculated over a 60-day time period that depends on the total amount of orders for that given period of time - total amount of orders, by the way, you don’t know the OP has.


It’s all about maths. It requires for you to make more orders to reach the average ratings again.


Divide the number of orders completed by the number of orders received (including cancellations) and multiply by 100. That’s your percentage.

If that ratio hasn’t changed, why would your number change? It’s basic math. Just because you completed orders, that doesn’t mean the ratio changed in the 30 day time period.

Yes, you completed an order or two but you also added those to your amount of orders for that period.

So if you have 6/8 orders completed and then complete two orders, that puts you at 8/10 orders. See? It’s the same percentage. Well, one is .75, the other is .8. The former will be rounded off to 8. So it’s the same.