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Order Complete And Source File Send Him, Butt Buyer Not Responding Me What I Do

Hi Any Body Guide Me About My Ans

If you’ve delivered your order, you don’t need to do anything else.

Your buyer doesn’t have respond to you after delivery, so please don’t keep messaging them. Your order will auto-complete 3 days after delivery.


O realy bro so thanks For Information

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Yes, you do not need to think about your after delivery. May be the buyer busy with other works. When he will back and see your delivery. if he will satisfy then mark as complete the order or if feel need to any change then will keep revision for you. Or if don’t response within 72 hours after delivery period, then it Will be auto marks as complete the order. So just wait and see what will happen.
We expect a good result for you.

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yes am agree to smiler3d you have no need to message him just deliver the order with proof and don’t keep sending message may be he will give you bad review

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