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Order complete i gave delivered but client didn't accept

Order complete I gave delivered but the client didn’t any response. now what can I do

Hello there,

You just have to wait for the response of the buyer, either they will respond with a revision or with approving your delivery.

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I suggest for you to read fiver TOS, fiverr help page and watch free online course on fiverr learn on how to be a great seller.

Fiverr out a lot of effort and resources to explain how their platform works so you’d better do not ignore it and read how fiverr platform and handling orders work here.


Thanks for give me suggest here i’m new otherwise i have face any problem about this order ?

I suggest you follow @mariashtelle1 advice and learn more about how Fiverr works instead of depending on help from the Forum.


The order will automatically be accepted after 3 days.

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Are you sure here i’m new so i have no before experience . thanks

Yes we are sure. And you know why? Firstly you have a green line on top of your order saying that your order will be autocompleted in 3 days and secondly because we read fiverr rules.

But I see that you obviously ignored the advice that I gave about reading rules if you are still even asking “are you sure”.


After auto accept order then any bad effect my gig ?

No bad effects sir on your profile or your gigs.

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You dont have to be rude with him…
We were all once beginners here on Fiverr…
All come by time and experience!


Rude is to ignore advices that people gave you 2 times already. That’s what rude. If you are coming for advice then you shouldn’t ignore them :woman_shrugging:

And that in his own interest to read the rules otherwise he is risking his account to be banned because what he is asking are the basic things.

Rude is not to give an advice, rude is to ask for advice and ignore it and keep asking something just because you don’t want to put a little bit of effort and do read the rules.


Generally speaking… People like @mariashtelle1 give sound and reasonable advice based on knowledge and experience.

At the same time, I see others give bad advice. Many original posters consistently ignore the best advice on the forums and take the advice they seem to want to hear. It’s very frustrating.

I’m almost to the point of giving up helping. I’m sure others feel the same way.


I would advise that you don´t describe one of the few users here as unfriendly who give competent answers.

The forum is bombarded with the same questions every day. Actually, she shouldn’t even have answered.


Sadly, I know many, many former Fiverr Forum users who no longer participate on the Forum due to :arrow_down:

Yes, many are too lazy to search by using the :mag: feature on the Forum, even though the homepage prominently states: :arrow_down:

Agreed, because often, experienced Forum members are not answering these types of questions, or they are merely referring the person asking the question to use the :mag: search feature. So, OP is fortunate that @mariashtelle1 gave him helpful advise.