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Order complete rate going down day by day!

Hello Everyone!

How are you?
Hope everything is going great!

Please help me to get back my gig ranking! if possible.
Let me explain what happens!
About a month ago that time my gig was First Page and the First column and I did complete 395 projects successfully!
but suddenly I fell ill too bad and 1 week I was the hospital and that time I have active 5 Orders in Queue but my due to illness the 5 active order it’s too late to deliver and then my bad days begin started.
my order complete rate going down 94 to 82 also lost my level 2.
and my gig has gone the last page of my gig related category.
and new orders stop coming.
and my account no longer meets the requirements for Level One status and for the only order complete rate 89 and I lost my level 1.
and now I don’t get a new order for 35 days.
my order complete rate going down day by day!

Now I’m suffering depression because my gig not going forward!
Response Rate: 100%
Order Completion: 100%
On-Time Delivery: 85%
Rating: 5.0

Please help me if anyone can!
Please give me some tips on how I can back my gig ranking!

Thank you!


There is just one way which is similar when you were new on Fiverr.

Step by step, order by order increase your On-Time Delivery metrics. This metrics is “rolling” 60 days average rate.

That means if you deliver starting today only On Time, you’ll be on 100% in 60 days latest. (You need to maintain min 90% in order to get promoted, so in fact your promotion could happen in less than 60 days, + consider 15th of the month as evaluation cycle )

Should you meet all criteria again, you’ll be promoted again. Higher level Sellers have usually better Gig’s ranking. However, those rotate too in SRP.


Thank you so much for you to say something like being patient.