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Order completed 13 days go and got cancelled today

A buyer approached me for Ads setup and management for 30 days, I told him I will set up his campaign for 30 days but I will deliver after 15 days and proceed to manage for 30 days and he agreed, I sent him custom order clearly stating our agreement and he accepted, I started the order and delivered on after 15 days ( order autocomplete after 3 days) and continue working for another 15 days during this period he kept sending tasks and tasks and I keep getting it done and he never complains or say he isn’t satisfied, I kept working on his campaign, After 30 days he messaged CC and completed order got canceled without any explanation and my account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery. in which I never did, I delivered after 15 days according to our agreement

You’re not allowed to do that even if the buyer agrees. You’re only allowed to use the delivery button once all the work is done.