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Order completed but customer wants refund


Good day
I have a little problem with a customer,
I did the job exactly the way she asked for it because she gave me a sample.
I delievered, she reviewed the first one and ordered for modification which i did to the best of my ability and delievered again
Now she wasn’t online for days and the ordered got completed automatically. She came online some days ago, she claim she will like to show it her supervisor which i guess she did,
She messaged me now that “sorry she cant accept the job and wants a refund”
After so many effort, stress and time waated on the job.
Please what can i do?



Please someone should reoly and help

Should i contact the customer support centre for this. I did w2jat she asked for, so reason for me to refund her back the money


The buyer is not entitled to a refund just because she demands it. Some buyers try to take advantage of sellers this way, in order to get their work for free. If you did the work, and the order has completed, say no. You do not have to accept her refund demands.

Fiverr states in their Terms of Service:

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.”

The buyer is NOT entitled to any kind of refund based upon personal preference.

The buyer is wrong. Just say no. :slight_smile:


Check it out , Fiverr don’t really stand behind there’s t.o.s

You can read the c.s statement


I’ll pass. I do not wish to be caught up in your rant.


That’s ok I didn’t want you to be caught up in this , this is and old one. Just want to show that customer service says different things then t.o.s


Although it is on the ranting pot I think this is relevant to the issue here.

We often say, rightfully so: Don’t work for free, don’t accept refunds if you did the work and link the tos, but what happens if Fiverr don’t follow it themselves?

Right now you can get a bad review and then the buyer can still get the order cancelled through CS afaik.

I’d still stand my ground for a matter of principle but I wouldn’t ask others to follow as right now you could get a bad review, lose your money and affect your completion rate.

I don’t know how CS is handling this one-side refunds as I haven’t had that happened to me but that’s what I get from the post I’ve read


Thank you all for your replies,
The buyer actually knows he is guilty and even wants to pay me half of the total amount agreed on, but the main issue here is i sdd the work perfectly she even asked for modification which i did at the expense of all other event i was into.

Now i want to be sure if i should contact the customer care first or i should just ignore her messages and let see how it all ends.


Chances are she already contacted CS and since she approved the order (the buyer is always notified here and per email when the deadline for the order review is approaching) there may not be much that can be done. Ignoring her messages altogether however may not be good business - so what do you wanna do? Contact CS?


Sincerely i have no idea what to do
@tomconti @avrimusic @urdeke @jonbaas @jabroni9 please help
Should i contact the cs or just keep ignoring her message (probabaly keep expecting a bad review)


I agree with @JonBaas deny the cxl request.

Besides, you didn’t have a transaction with the Supervisor, I hate it when Buyers get other people involved with the order. Everybody’s opinion will differ and make a mess out of the order. :confused: You can contact CS to let them know what’s happening. But, I’m sure you’ll get "we can’t force the Buyer to accept the order spiel…"

Just stand your ground!

Don’t engage further, if you’ve already followed Jon’s advice.

Keep in mind the Buyer will prolly go to CS to complain and demand a refund. Which is fine & dandy !


@lukeman2018 If she contacted CS already and requested a refund, even if she approved the order already, I’m sorry to say but she’ll get her refund. The answer they will tell you once you’ll contact them will be:

I got the same answer from CS about a similar (yet kinda different) situation.

About ignoring her messages, I don’t think it will do you any good. You need to be as professional as you can be but ignoring her, in my opinion, just will hurt your business. I mean, lets say she talks about your service to her friends or post something about it in social media, it will do more damage than answering her. And by not answering her you just add more woods to the fire. I hope you understand what I’m going for.