Order Completed but no delivery?


Hi there, I placed an order with a Fiverr member and paid $50 for this to design website, name and logo. Delivery time would be 5 days. I hardly get any response and NOW I receive an email that my order is completed but I only had 2 Bus. names proposals (domain names which I did not like) and telling me I have a host. But where is the rest??? Website etc. How can you get your money back or support for this?


Two options:

  1. Request modification and ask for the information and clarity of what you ordered. give it 24 hrs for the seller to reply, then send another message to the seller alerting that you are dissatisfied and are going to contact customer support. (wait 10-12 hrs then go to option 2)

  2. Report the seller to CS for fraudulent selling and completing without purchased item being received.

    As for money back, fiverr will give you fiverr credit of the funds you spent but not reimburse you total funds. This credit can be used on other gigs with no other cost to you up to the balance of the credit.