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Order Completed but waiting For an Update

Hi There 4 days ago I delivered order and buyer marked that order as completed but today I saw that in my dashboard compete orders it was written down the order “” {Name} is waitinig for and update from you for 4 days" and my order completion rate is also descrese to 1%

Is there anyone who faced it
Help me to solve the issue Thanks :slight_smile:

Usually it means, he requested a revision. Fiverrs push-notifications are a bit buggy in that regard. have you checked whether the order moved from completed to open?

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He didn’t asked for a revision he marked the order as completed and gave a 5 star rating with the best feedback but why then it is not completed yet?

Sounds like a bug. Try the usual, logging out, logging back in, clearing cache and cookies… If the bug persists, ask Customer Support for help (and be prepared to wait for up to 10 days until they respond).


Hmm maybe Let me contact the CS Thanks

I face the same problem. My buyer received my order and give 5 star review 1 month before and places a new order again but below this new order, this update notification shows. please help… what I do now?

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Can you tell me how do you solve this problem? Because I am also facing the same issue.