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Order completed, buyer wants revision


My first order automatically completed after 3 days today. The customer is now requested a slight adjusted to the work but the order has already completed. Is there a way I can give them another revision?

Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you handle it?



If it is ok for you to fix the work for your client without further cost than you can do it through your inbox. The “normal” message box (not the ordering page).


I agree with Valon Art you can make the revisions and post the files in the chat log.

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if it’s slight change, you can do it for free to get a good review and good relationship with the buyer to get the next project.

If it genuinely is a ‘slight’ adjustment, then the pragmatic approach would be to do the work and send it as a message attachment… as others have said. You’re a new seller, get that first good review, etc.

However, just be wary that some bad buyers will come back time and time again requesting revisions - often trying to get completely new work completed as a revision, as they know most new sellers are terrified of a bad review or ignorant about their rights on Fiverr.

Hopefully this is a genuine buyer and you’ll be fine. But should they show any sign of trying to exploit you - you have to slam them down straight away and say no.

Thanks for the advice everyone!

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Sure you can revise the project and simply post the files in the chat log.