Order completed despite not accepting it and unfinished work


Hi all,

I had an order running and was going to put in a review with further instructions but the gig is marked as completed.

I’m certain I didn’t close it, at least not knowingly, and the work promised has not been delivered.

How do you reopen an order so it can be properly completed?




Hey James. It’s best that you open a ticket with Customer Support. They’re the only ones that can help in this situation.


Ok exilegraphics. I will follow your advice.

Hopefully a solution can be found :slight_smile:


Did your seller deliver the gig? The system autom. marks the order as complete after 3 days if the gig was delivered.


Hi Annai80,

I was not aware of the system automatically marking gigs complete after 3 days as I didn’t see an indication to that effect.

I was busy after the 25th and only just came back to get into a review to get the work finalised.

There was a second delivery but all I have are JPEGs of logos with the package specifying I should have gotten transparent versions, source files and 3d mockups.

As such, this is incomplete.


James, the seller is probably waiting for your confirmation before sending the final files over to you. Have you written him a message?


@exilegraphics is correct. Contact your seller directly. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding.
I am sure you will get this sorted out in no time. Just because the order has been marked as complete doesn’t mean your seller won’t be able to help you.
Try a polite approach. Make sure to point out you haven’t received the transparent version as indicated in the package you have purchased.

Let us know if you need more help :).



The seller was asking for input but I didn’t get round to clicking review due to a busy XMas.

Have sent a message and hope to hear from him to get this sorted.

I also wanted to avoid saying this but there is an issue in that three of the designs are already in use. Avoiding plagiarism is important for the non profit and I will give him straightforward indications for a last revision.



It’s more of not having gotten back to him then a misunderstanding and I want to help this guy with some good advice once this is done.

I am guessing and hoping he will agree to complete the package and have been polite in my approach from the start.

Will keep you posted as to how things go :slight_smile:


@jamesalexp The Seller will fulfill your requests even after the order is marked complete. It is wise to ask your seller and resolve mutually before you try CUSTOMER SUPPORT.


If I have a very large order with multiple files, I often deliver them one at a time so I don’t get disorganized. Maybe that is what your seller is doing. Three days is a bit too long to go between deliveries, though, so I definitely agree that you need to make contact.