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Order Completed, Five star rating, order canceled


So I just had a terrible experience. I received, completed and delivered an order about 2 weeks ago, the buyer was pleased and even gave a five star rating. The order was completed and yet a few minutes ago the buyer was able to cancel and I’m confused as to what went wrong. It also seems like the account completely disappeared as I can’t contact him or even view his profile page.

I have contacted support but I am skeptical if anything can be done, I just want to make sense of it all, has anyone had a similar experience? How is it possible that a buyer can cancel and get their money back after an order is completed? Its all just confusing and disheartening.

Again one completed order were canceled

Sounds like the dreaded “PayPal chargeback”, search for that in the forum search feature top right, you’ll find a lot of posts and advice about it.

Basically: send a ticket to support and prove with screenshots that you delivered what was agreed and that the buyer was happy with it. As you can see in the posts, some sellers do get the money, or part of the money from Fiverr in such cases, it seems to depend.
The account is gone as doing a chargeback is against Fiverr’s ToS and they ban buyers who do that.


Thank you Mila. I have contacted support and there’s been a response asking for screen shots to prove I delivered and I have sent it, hopefully it will be resolved.
Thanks again


I have faced it 3 times :rofl: Contact the fiverr cs.


Was it resolved everytime? Did you get the money back?


Hi talk2francis, I know it’s very pathetic for a seller’s. I have felt same problem few days ago. So, I will not get any buyers request and didn’t apply to custom offer. Wish for me for success in this market. Thanks


I haven’t got. any of those


Well, you’ll not get your money back, instead they’ll (CS) remove the effect of cancellation from your profile. It’s already happened to me a few days ago, I contacted CS and they removed the effect of cancellation and my “Order Completion Rate” regained to 100%.

Bad times will come for anyone and at any time, so don’t worry keep doing your Job. You can easily earn this money in future if you work with confidence.

Charge backs won’t happens with all buyers (only few fraudsters are there, so ignore them and keep move forward)


Thanks @nithiskumar563 and yea you’re right :point_right:



That sounds terrible
I’m new to fiverr and I haven’t had any orders yet but I hope that I never have such a situation.
Best of luck. I hope it can be resolved.


@ameeramayy I hope you never have such an experience, I’ve been here for about 2years and this is the first time I’m having such an experience so it’s safe to say it is not a regular occurrence, nothing to worry about, but still we have to be careful as sellers, seems the odds favour the buyers more


Thank you though for the tip.
Its always good to have information should anything like this occur in future, or even just to advise another who may experience something similar.
Have a good day!


There has to be some way that Fiverr can ensure that you will always get your money. If the customer were to attempt to cancel on you after payment, their account would be taken down.


I have had the same problem before 15 days ago. But I didn’t face to CS. Actually, I have not enough knowledge about order cancellation. Thanks for your advice