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Order completed, Fiverr CS Cancelled in buyer's favour

Hello all, this is my first post.

I’m not quite sure where to start, so I will begin my introducing myself. I am a legal consultant in the UK, specialising in consumer fraud (chargeback and dispute policy abuse), I have been doing this for some time and my success rate is nothing but perfect.

On the 26th of January 2021, a Fiverr customer contacted me regarding a transaction which they had placed on Azimo (wire transfer service). The customer (my client) stated that they had sent the funds to the wrong account and would therefore like to dispute the transaction with their bank (Monzo). I declined to represent the customer as my fee would cost more than the value of the transaction.

On the 5th of March, the same customer contacted me alleging that there were unauthorized transactions on their Monzo account made payable to Azimo, and Remitly. I probed the customer with various questions relevant to their claim, and I was satisfied that their claim was valid.

The client placed an order on the 8th of March for the amount which I quoted, the scope of the order was to make formal contact to their bank (Bank) to raise the disputes and oversee the outcome.

On the 10th of March, I fulfilled my contractual obligations. I delivered the formal notice to my client so that they could forward it to their bank, I also provided a conference call with myself, my client, and their bank so that I could attempt to expediate the reversal. When we were connected to an agent, they were not able to help. The notice was delivered via email to my client’s bank - this is where things took a turn for the worst.

My client’s bank sent a PDF titled “Our final decision”, it revealed that they had previously attempted to raise a dispute for these transactions for “items not received”, but Monzo did not initiate a chargeback on my client’s behalf.

I conducted a full audit of the messages sent on my client’s initial conversation with me; it was evident that my client was attempting to commit fraud. If I had access to that PDF at the quotation stage, I wouldn’t have accepted this case.

At this stage, I was inordinately dumbfounded. I could sense that my client was going to deceive me by requesting a cancellation, which they did.

I contacted Fiverr for help, seeking urgent help regarding this deceptive buyer; this is an exact copy of their response: image

I completed the job, as described and beyond! I kindly requested that the buyer mark the order as complete. After going back and forth for an hour dealing with 10+ revision requests, my client contacted Fiverr and cheated their way into a refund.

Their response states: “we cannot force sellers to cancel orders” - well, they can , they do and they did.

Fiverr need to change their system so that sellers get a say in the same way buyer’s do. The way things are, it is an unfair and toxic ecosystem which is destined for disaster. If the amount was a little bit higher, I would’ve considered filing a legal compensation claim against Fiverr, not my client. It is Fiverr’s duty to pay me for the work I have done, this type of injustice warrants immediate legal rectification.

Has anyone else had a situation like this?


Check to see if your buyer still has an account on Fiverr, if not they could have done a charge back. In that case Fiverr closed their account.


It seems as though it is still active. The buyer didn’t chargeback, they contacted Fiverr to get their money back after the order was completed.


Bummer, I do not know what to say. I hope to avoid that situation. :confused:


It seems as though Fiverr will always side with the buyer, as refunding the buyer means that the money stays with Fiverr thus meaning it cannot be withdrawn by the seller, and can’t be withdrawn to the buyer unless they pay for services on the platform (which is taxed again).


I have had good experiences with Fiverr CS. I am sorry to hear you have not.


I have had both experiences where Fiverr has compensated me when a buyer has cancelled, and then other times, said “Sorry, Charlie!” Unfortunately, one of those times, the amount was close to $300.

I am sure somewhere in the TOS Fiverr has their behinds covered when it comes to buyers cancelling.



Sadly it happens. I’m not defending Fiverr here, but I’ve only ever had good experiences with customer support. However, we’ve also seen many cases in the forum where sellers have had orders cancelled. Sometimes it’s easy to assume why, as you only need to read their long-winded, error ridden accounts to understand that customer support probably just thought this is complete nonsense. Other times you look at what sellers have written and you think this is an intelligent and experienced individual who has been ‘done over’ by an ill-thought through ruling or technicality - and it’s these ones you feel sorry for.

Well, I will see your situation and raise it further.

  1. Buyer buys order.
  2. I complete order.
  3. Buyer gives 5 star.
  4. 2 weeks later, Buyer cancels order, gets refund.
  5. I get Order cancellation and TOS violation.

So, this is fairly normal. There is nothing you can do.

more details here - Order Complete - Fiver Stars - Then Cancelled - My Learnings

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UPDATE; Fiverr have escalated my ticket to “Team Leads” although their answer seems to be the same. The Fiverr ecosystem is toxic and unfair for their sellers

I am hoping they can rectify this issue and provide me with the fair outcome I deserve, why should I be out of pocket for a completed order?

Unfortunately I am not so lucky, the order was high-value so this could be the reason why they are being so difficult.

Hello, sorry to hear that. As others mentioned, this is fairly common and there’s not much we, sellers, can do. The same thing happened to me recently with a buyer and I got the same reply that “we can’t force buyers to accept orders”.

I don’t understand why Fiverr can’t offer some more security for sellers. For example, when buyers accept a custom order there should be some box they should tick before proceeding prompting them to confirm they read the offer description and are clear about what they will get and they cannot ask for extras, without paying extra. Also, when they accept a delivery there should again be a pop up box saying “if you accept this delivery you can’t cancel the order, are you still ok with accepting this delivery?” However, I’m not a lawyer, so maybe these things don’t exist for legal reasons.

Either way, it’s very unfair that some buyers are scamming sellers with the help of CS. At some point Fiverr will need to think about what will happen if all buyers decide they want to cancel orders and get refunds and I hope this will happen sooner than later. This sort of behaviour is also bad for Fiverr, since all the money goes back to the buyer.

As a final comment on CS, I believe some CS agents are great and would like to help more, but can’t due to the Fiverr ToS. Sometimes though, I believe CS could do more but it’s up to the individual CS agent, as some agents are more helpful than others. For example, I’ve had a CS agent restore my completion rate after I explained a buyer placed an order asking for something completely random that I couldn’t help with, so I know it can be done. Other times the same thing happened (buyer places an order asking for a service I don’t offer) but CS wasn’t so helpful and said they couldn’t do anything.

I feel your pain. The value of the transaction which was refunded to the buyer was substantial, if they fail to compensate me I will escalate it to a small claims court where they will make a fair judgement.

I’d advise if this keeps happening over time, to do the same.

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I hope they do compensate you. I’ve heard other sellers on the forum were reimbursed when their order was cancelled, but this hasn’t happened to me personally, so I can’t advice. Hopefully we’ll get a positive update from you soon :slight_smile:

I hope so, if not I will take indefinite legal action - it’ll cost them more in the long run.