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Order completed in 3 days? He put in the order today, asked about it yesterday

I received an order yesterday, after discussing what he needed he ordered this morning and I delivered in less than 3 hours. Why does it say I took 3 days? He contacted me 24 hours ago and I got it back to him in 3 hours after he placed the order! Please let me know what’s going on and how to make this report of my timelines more accurate.


Where do you see that? As I’m aware fiverr doesn’t have a feature to reflect how long it took you to deliver

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Hi Mariashtelle, it was at the top.
I had the job finished a little over 23 hours after I was first contacted by the client, and less than 3 hours after he placed the order.

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Oh I see, it doesn’t say it took you 3 days :wink: it says that your order will be automatically marked completed in 3 days if your client wouldn’t ask revisions or mark it completed himself