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Order Completed, more than 14 days passed, buyer now wants refund

a Customer ordered, i made it in time, delivered, she asked for revision, i made the revision. she marked as complete. reviewed. everything. 2 weeks later. she decided the order was not “good” and then asked for a refund, i told her the situation and did a free remix (to not let her down), and tehn again she complain about the voice, i promptly recorded a new voice (from free will, fast and easy to do), but now she asks for a refund anyways, i should be worried? never had an experience like this, and im 100% sure i did everything correct. she also said the instrumental was perfect.


Definitely forward her current and past messages to Cs


Good luck! I had one that gave me a 5 star rating on an article I wrote, said everything was perfect, and then cancelled 13 days after accepting with the help of customer service. When I reached out to customer service with screen shots of them stating the work was perfect I was given a canned response that the buyer was unhappy and they agreed to cancel due to “service not being as described.” They purchased up to 1200 words, and I wrote 1172.

I am still salty over that one.


don’t do refund. you worked hard. you can politely share your opinion to the buyer (you won’t be able to make refund, you deserve working fees) you don’t have option to refund also because the order already has been completed.
you don’t need to contact with customer CS. if your buyer do then the buyer will be refused by CS, i believe.


Ugh! I’d be fuming through my nostrils. :triumph:

Well, there’s a possibility that your Buyer will lodge a complaint against you to CS. Pretty much requesting a refund because she was unsatisfied with your work, CS would then cancel the order and refund the Buyer. Even, though the paper trail clearly states she was satisfied with the order and rated you a 5 :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: or whatever. Yes, this is FLAWED!!! Also, the Buyer could dispute the charges via her C.C company. But with that comes consequences with 5r.

Was the order $ amount LARGE or small?

You need to be firm with your revision policy, additional revisions require a fee. Add this to your FAQ and Requirements section. Otherwise, people will take advantage of you and play you like a :violin: fiddle.

If this person is problematic… What you can do is block the client from communicating or placing future orders.


You cannot block anyone from placing future orders on fiverr. you can only block them from messaging you.


When you block a buyer they usually cannot message you or place an order. However, there is currently a :bug: bug with the blocking feature on Fiverr. :scream:



Oh, I see …

Don’t cancel it, you did the work and deserved to be paid. If they didn’t 100% like what you delivered after the revisions, they should have let that reflect on their rating and review.

Of course you run the risk of them pulling some slime ball antics and doing a charge back, but there’s nothing you can do about that.


I think the best way is contact CS

woke up today and the order was cancelled automatically, months after. she stated the work was poor to fiverr.

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Sorry, that happened to you. Like I said a few weeks back that could’ve been a possible scenario. I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do. I mean you could reach out to Fiverr CS for answers but I’m sure their hands will be tied.

I thought an order cannot be canceled anymore once it has been marked as completed!

If the client accepted it and it’s finished, then it should be definitely finished.

Now, that situation means that you are never immune from cancellation for all the orders you have processed on Fiverr :anguished: did I get it right?

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