Order Completed rate is down and Low sales


Currently My order completed is 96% and facing to Huge drop of orders
I have completed all orders in past month (May) without any canceling But some canceling on April.

April – Canceled some orders
May – No canceling Completed all orders .

If I don’t cancel any order in next 30 days Will I get the rate increase ?


Hi there,
"Orders completed without cancellations in the last 60 days, not 30 days. Order completion impacts your business. "


@bingbanners Yes ! Thank you for the concern

That mean If I complete all orders in NEXT 30days (Last month was all completed without cancellation) the rate will increase and gain sales ?


we can’t guaranty for that because of other factors like
Response Rate, Delivered on Time, what you sell, and what buyers need, like tons of economic factors.
I think you can understand.
have a nice day!


@bingbanners Yes I know about that but I’m now stuck in 96% nearly two weeks Orders are completed at that time But still its 96% (Order Completed)

Thank you
You too have a Nice day


You still need to wait for 60 days to have passed since your last cancelled order for your completed rate percentage to return to 100%.


Yes I was guessing thats the issue it still remain 96% Now I know Thank you very much :slight_smile: !!! and Thats why I’m not at the searching list