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Order Completed, revenue not added in Pending Clearance

3 days back I completed an order and still, the revenue is not added in my Pending clearance. I tried to contact with CS they always give me the same reply. I just want to know is there something wrong from buyer’s side or it’s a technical glitch from the fiverr side?


Its generally take 15 days for available the balance at your profile
Read this post How long after completion does your money show up on fiverr?

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I know sir it takes 14 days to clear funds. But After completed an order, revenue added in the Pending clearance section, right? my issue is that the revenue is still doesn’t added in the Pending clearance section. It’s showing $92 which is from earlier order, with this completed order, it supposed to be $140 ( 92 + 48 from this order).
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Best solution for this situation - contact with the support team and show them everything and explain the problem they will figure out it .

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Have you contact customer care with this issue? If not, do that first. Hope your problem will be solved. Thanks.

yeah, i contacted Customer care and they are like we are working on it to resolve.

So what is bad in that? They obviously admitted that this is a bug and that they are working on it to resolve the issue :woman_shrugging: All you need to do is to wait or you can also ask them about the timelines


Are you sure it is same order. On Earnings page there is date Jun 26, 2019 when it was cleared. On order page, there is Jun 26, 2019 when it was ordered. That can’t be same order then… (not sure why you “circle” it on second image)

But, other than that, I don’t see that order on pending at all. Or maybe it takes a while to show…

This bug happened to me very recently as well. Right after the order was completed days ago, the ‘pending clearance’ was still empty, unlike before when the clearance immediately shown after completion.

Maybe it just needs time, but after 3 days, I realized clearance still empty.

I was about to contact CS, then only now my clearance shows up, but it’s no longer… 14 days waiting? Because it shows that today is supposed to be the end of clearance period of my 5 days old finished order.

I don’t know if this still another new bug. I guess I just wait for now.

@vineybhatia so now your issue is solved if yes then please tell me how your issue is solved because I faced the same problem like you.

@gaurav_sharmaa If you have a problem just create your own topic and you will receive replies that reflect the current situation.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: