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Order completed. Waiting for review 🙏


I delivered an order 3days before, but still waiting for order completion notification. I texted him many times, but NO ANSWER. Confused :confused:


Please don’t. Buyers are given several reminders to leave a review. They don’t need to be messaged by the seller as well - they might get annoyed by it.


I’ve faced scammers recently. He collect the documents, leave bad review and cancel the order. :pensive:
I don’t want to face this again :pensive:


Here is a thread from a seller who kept asking his buyer for reviews and such. That buyer got annoyed and gave him a negative.

A no review/response is better than a negative one.


Really tho? It’s not that serious! Give the Buyer time to decide if he wants to leave a review for Pete’s sake. Remember Buyers are not obligated to leave a review. It’s at the Buyer’s sole discretion if they want to leave a review or not. Anyway, on that note don’t message the Buyer anymore.

Btw~ Don’t type in ALL caps to Buyers it’s considered yelling and a TURN-OFF.


Agreed. Thanks @gina_riley2


I didn’t asked for REVIEW. I just asked the quality of my work.
I’m totally agreed with @gina_riley2
I’m happy with NO review :smiley:


If I was messaged numerous times asking for a review, I would be LESS likely to give a review, possibly even annoyed enough to give a 4 star instead of a 5 star due to unprofessional behaviour. Please remember whilst we love reviews, they are OPTIONAL for the buyer. Don’t expect reviews, think of it as a bonus if they are happy with your work.


You shouldn’t do this, either. That statement has an air of desperation to it (especially if you actually typed it in all caps), which can also be unsettling.

Without commenting on the nature of the situation which you’ve already discussed at length across multiple topics, my recommendation to you is that you move on. What happened to you happens to the best of us.


@legacine Please read my full comment before posting.


Normally when this happen you fiverr will notify you wait for the buyer respond if the order get auto completed message the buyer and let him know to avoid any negative review :slight_smile: Hope it helps


Happy customers leave a positive review without getting any request from us. If buyer is not reviewing us, I think we should not insist him/her. If we do, as a result, we might get actual (negative) review instead.


Order automatically completed after 3 days


I Complete My Order Waiting For Review . And Get 2nd Order To Under Working


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