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Order completed. you earned $x [resolved]

When completing a $5 gig, the green bar at the top of the description says "You’ve earnt $5."

I may be mistaken, but didnt it previously used to say $4, indicating the true earning after the fiverr fee?

If so, its a minor change but an odd one. I preferred it when it told me the genuine amount.

Looks like its been restored to the true net earning now.

Noticed that too. Very weird. I also preferred when it told me the amount I actually earned. What a weird thing to change randomly.

Maybe they’ve given us a raise!

(or maybe not… what was I thinking!)

LOL when it comeing to paypal its says 3.92$ :v :-))

Reply to @oclick: What you see in PayPal is because of their own fees, so that’s a bit different. Your best option is to wait to withdraw your Fiverr income until you have a fair amount. Over $50 at least. PayPal caps their portion at $1 total so you lose less money that way which is good!

@valanee That would be cool but… :slight_smile:

Indeed. I noticed that too. But, we all know what our real earnings are when we view our revenue tabs.