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Order completing

Hi dear all… did fiverr change their system… before a order would mark complete after 3 days if buyer didn’t complete it… i have delivered an order 4 days ago but still its not completed because buyer didn’t mark it as complete


I have noticed that it takes about 4 days even though it is only supposed to take 4.

Ok dear i will wait 1 more day

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Just Don’t worry for increase in one day. You can message buyer to ask him.
Some times it happens to complete in 4 days instead of 3 days. So enjoy and happy selling!

Good Luck :+1:

Dear Gtrahan,

don’t worry I have faced the same situation but after 4 days my orders were marked as completed. sometimes it takes 3 days and sometimes its take 4 days. wishing you all the best :blush:


Just to give you a little added reassurance, I also have waited more than 3 days, on several occasions for my work to be marked as completed, and I’m fairly new here.

I was wondering the same thing yesterday, but today it got completed!

I always make sure to contact the buyer when an order gets automatically completed, to make sure the buyer got all the things he or she needed. Some buyers don’t look at Fiverr everyday and will be surprised by the automated system.

Thanks all… my order has been completed… after 4th day… Thanks a lot again

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