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Order Completion 100%-75%

I was given a job by a buyer. Then he sent a request to cancel my order, saying he would give it to someone else within 12 hours. now my order completion is 100% to 75%. what can I do now?


You do not have to accept cancelation requests, but if you do not, then the buyer could be a :bear: to work with. The good news is you will not be getting a poor review, and no potential buyers can see your completion stats, but the stats may mean you could lose your level.

All you can do is get more work.


but it was not my fault…

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Maybe if you contact CS they would adjust the order completion stat for you. :thinking:

i m a new seller… :disappointed:

It does not make any difference. Since it was not your fault, if you contact CS at and explained what happened, they may adjust your stats back to where they were.

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Now you have to complete more order to increase your order completion rate

Did you read any of this thread? That information was already given. Please do not clutter the Forum by repeating advise that has already been given. Someone else also did this and their post was just removed.


thanks a lot…

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You have nothing to lose if CS says no.