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Order completion algorithm

Please be kind and explain how the Order completion algorithm is working!

I dont understand why your percentage is going lower even if you canceled one order. At the beginning it was 95%, and after two days it went to 93% even if I didnt cancel any order.

Second point, how is this percentage calculated? If I have 100+ orders completed, and I cancel one order, shouldn`t it drop by 1%, and not by five?

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Your Order Completion Rate is calculated over the course of the last 60 days. So, as time passes, your old orders will become older than 60 days, and hence they will no longer be included in your Order Completion Rate. Thus, you might experience that your Order Completion Rate will decrease even as you receive no new orders.

Try calculating your Order Completion Rate over the last 60 days for yourself to see if it doesn’t add up.


Me also want to what is algorithm behind it, I will help me to shine my career on fiverr

its your last 60 days order completion rate. May be fiver side they give weight for cancelled order like 2 complete order = 1 canceled order you can work out with your stats.

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Thank you for sharing this. It’s help us who are new in fiverr

This is a valuable answer.
Thank you sir!
I understood the algorithm, now.

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valuable information

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@vibronx Noted. Thank you.

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The algorithm is something Fiverr keeps secret. :shushing_face:

No one knows what it is.

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