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Order Completion % and Cancelled Orders


I have a quick question…

I’ve had several buyers recently purchase gigs on subjects that I clearly state that I do not write for in my gig description…yet they ordered anyway.

I know if I cancel these orders, it’ll lower my Order Completion percentage which can further damage my Fiverr Level.

But, if the buyer initiates a dispute to cancel an order first, does it still affect my Order Completion percentage as a seller?


Unfortunately, the answer is yes. :crying_cat_face: :woozy_face:


I was afraid of that.

That’s beyond frustrating to say the least to get punished because buyers don’t read a full gig description.

I’ll reach out to Fiverr support about this, but I’m sure they’ll just simply say I need to make it work.


I’m so sorry this happens to you. The impact on ratings is so frustrating and unjust. I’d do more business on Fiverr if I wasn’t penalized for being an ethical seller.

I get buyers regularly who don’t want to read and abide by my instructions before they order. It doesn’t seem to matter how clear I am, people still order without my approval and order things that are not at all a good fit for what they are seeking to achieve. It’s almost like people don’t want to read and don’t want to think strategically about what’s best for their business. And then they wonder why their business is failing.

I don’t get it. I really don’t.


I am in a bit of a similar situation. I had a client make an order, then immediately send a CANCEL request… Her reason? She forgot to use her promo code… So she ordered a new order at the same time so I had no choice but to cancel her first order, and my percentage dropped. Even though she reordered AND it wasn’t my fault. :woman_facepalming:


I am also facing same issue. clients order without reading my gig description. and canceling the order affects adversly seller’s level. Wich is totally unjustice with sellers.


I sure hope Fiverr does something about this issue (which is obviously very common).

I think it’s simply common sense if the buyer and seller MUTUALLY agree to cancel (at the minimum), that everything remains the same - meaning no one gets dinged on their account. It’s just null.

No matter what, they need to implement something that is fair. This is ridiculous this has gone on so long without them doing anything. Just my two cents.

Rant over.