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Order Completion and Deliver on time , Decrease AutomaticallyOrder Completion and Deliver on time , Decrease Automatically

Hello Everyone,
My “Order Completion” and “Deliver on time” both are Decreasing Automatically i was on 95 with both but now on 90 …
And there is no project in late , all project delivered on time , just 3 orders are on revisions but their deliver time is after 2 days …
Anyone know what happened with rating ?
Looking forward for your suggestions

Thank you


Have you checked the number/percentage of orders cancelled in the last 60 days and the number/percentage of late orders that were delivered in the last 60 days (since the last 60 days is what the stats are based on)?

If there are no late or cancelled orders in the last 60 days you could contact CS about it and they can correct it if it’s wrong.


There are cancelled order in last 60 days but few …
And the auto decreasing in rates happening from last 2 weeks and in these days there was no any cancelled order.
I think contact to CS is a good suggestion.
Thank you so much

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CS not going to help you in your case.

If you had cancelled orders in last 60 days then it’s normal. It’s a 60 days rotation and orders that was taken into account before is not anymore.

You can check two topics that @maitasun created on how to calculate your percentage.


ok but what about “Deliver on time” rate , as its not linked with cancelled ordered

@shahbazafzal, here’s the topic about Order Completion Rate for you to read.