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Order completion and fund clearance

Order completion rate dropping anyhow and pending funds not clearing what’s going on???


Are you aware of how order completion and funds clearing work?

My order completion rate just dropped drastically from 100 to 75 and I have a fund that was supposed to cleared on 12th and today is 13th the fund is yet to be cleared

Do you know about 60 days window for completion rate?

Wait a few more hours and you get funds cleared.

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Yes guess that’s for new sellers on the platform am a level 1 seller…sorry are you a fiverr support have being messaging support over 3days no response and this the first time support is not responding to me

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Did you read this Order Completion Rate and Cancellations FAQ?

Could cancellation be the case for drop?

I am not Fiverr support I am just forum user. Wait for CS response!

Thank you
But I have never issues with fund clearance before this is the first time and its over 24 hours now