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Order Completion by the seller

How do I complete an order as a seller? My client is yet to get back online despite me leaving multiple messages. I saw a notification that I have 0 days to complete the order. What does it mean? I submitted the order long time ago. It is the fifth day since it was submitted but the order is still active.

If you submit your order in 3 days it will get automatically completed whete your buyer is online or not. However, if you say its 5th day since you submitted order please reach CS so that they can see the issue.

How can it still be active if you submitted it 5 days ago? Orders are completed automatically after 3 days.

Okay, Let me contact them. I submitted the orders on 11th and 12th August. They still show “DELIVERED”. There is this message that pops up each time I submit the order, " We’re giving you more options

Orders which are auto-completed by Fiverr lead to lower ratings and less satisfaction. That’s why we will not auto-complete this order. Instead, you’ll be able to remind the buyer you’re awaiting their feedback, or complete the order yourself. Buyers know they have three days to respond before the order is marked as complete." What does it mean?

I have orders that still read delivered four days after I submitted them.

That’s super weird! You shouldn’t be waiting that long.