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Order Completion Decrease Automatic

My order Completion % decrease automatically :cold_sweat: not even cancel any order or problem with any order !!
No buyer giving me less star or bad review then why my % is decreasing !!

Not get many order in January on that this decrease why why why ???


We on the forums are only Buyers and Sellers like you. If you have a question for Fiverr, you will need to ask them.


Don’t panic, it could be a bug. Try deleting the cache of your browser and refresh the page, if it doesn’t work contact the CS they should be able to help you.

The calculation is easy. It count the last 60 days. Example 1: You have completed 2 orders in the first day, cancelled 1 in the 7th day, completed 7 orders in the 10th day. No orders in the last 50 days and today is 60 days total. Now completed order= 9, cancelled order= 1. So the order completion rate will be 90%. Tomorrow is new day and your first day is now out of range of the 60 days. Last 59+ tommorrow will make your 60 days. In that case total complete= 7, cancel= 1. Completion rate will be 85% and will continue for more 6 days. After passing 7 days, on the 8th day- past 52 days+new8 days= 60 days. You have no cancellation and 7 completed order. So the completion rate will be 100! So just seat back and wait. Sometimes it causes bad luck but in the following months you will gain your level again!