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Order completion in last 60 days!

Assume that my order completion is 85% on evaluation day.For the first 60 days after the evaluation day, I completed 10 orders and no order cancellations.Then will my order completion become 100% ???(because of no order cancellations in last 60 days)

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Fiverr’s performance metrics are currently on a 60-day format. If something was registered to your stats more than 60 days ago, it will no longer be counted in those last-60-days metrics.


Evaluation is every 30 days but takes into account the last 60 days, therefore, there are always 30 days that overlap between each evaluation period (last 30 days of the previous evaluation + new 30 days of the next evaluation). Being so, if you had any cancellations during the last 34 to 36 days, they’ll be taken into account for this next evaluation date.

Sorry to quote myself but please take a look at this topic, maybe you’ll find it useful


very clear answer! Thank you.

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Order completed is calculated on a percentage basis.

Take, for example; you completed 9 out of 10 order and canceled 1.

Calculation 9÷10×100=90%

You completed 6 out of 11 and canceled 5


Try to calculate and reply.

Note the above apply to 60 days order only. E.g., order completed from March 24 to the past 60 days.