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Order Completion Issue need suggestions


Hello Everyone,
I had a query that if I deliver the order and client dosnt ask for revision but open a dispute so the order will be marked as complete after 3 days or the days will start after the dispute again.
Waiting for your response…
Thank you


Imagine you delivered the order and if a buyer opens up a dispute then you have to accept or decline the dispute in order to move forward. If you do not accept the dispute, then order will be marked as delivered again and the days will continue from the day of delivery. It will not start again.

But if you redeliver the work, then it will restart the 3 days countdown.


For fiverr buyers are first priority.

You can refund the buyer if he is not happy.


Not only Fiverr but also all the markets have buyer priority. And it’s logical for the world, where money is mostly everything. So, nothing to mention Fiverr specially.


It is advisable you settle the dispute with the buyer


@ahmedghumro He can but he doesn’t have to.
TOS are quite clear that orders are not cancelled based on quality of work (which equals to client satisfaction)

@logofy1 if you don’t reply on the dispute then order will be cancelled automatically in 2-3 days.