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Order completion keeps dropping

I cancelled an order, which made made my order completion to drop from 100% to 90% and then 88%. I did some jobs after then, and it rose to 92%. I just woke up today to find it at 90%. Please what is the solution to this

i dont understand. The job was cancelled 11 days ago, and i have done 4 jobs after then. So how many jobs will i have to do, to stop the completion rate from further nose diving

The Order Completion Rate is based on the last 60 days. Here is another way to figure it. This way made more sense to me.

But from your formular, we are supposed to have number of completed orders minus cancellation at the numerator and number of completed at the denominator. But am seeing number of completed up and am seeing number of completed plus cancellation down. Please correct

Sorry, these are not my posts to correct. I use the second method.