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Order completion not updated!


Hi everyone. I just got an order cancelled and now I’m on 86% completion rate.
I just need to know how this feature is updated and since I need to maintain the 90% completion rate over the course of 60 days, how is this calculated?!

a couple of days ago I just received another order that I successfully delivered, with positive feedback but I’m still on 86%. Does this means that I’m going to lose my Level 1 on December 15th? Please help…


It depends on how many orders you get before the 15th and how many orders “drop off” your 60 day list of orders. This post might help: See this tutorial about calculating completion rate: [TUTORIAL] How to calculate your Order Completion Rate


Just go to your orders and count the number of “Completed Orders” in the following timeframe (Oct 15 - Dec 15) OR (if today is Dec 12 then you should count after Oct 12) and then the count the cancelled orders in the same timeframe. And then find the ratio!!

For eg:
Seller “A” has completed 50 orders, 10 got canceled. So the order completion will be 80%.
1% of 50 is 0.5 (50/100=0.5)
2% of 50 is 1 (that means that for every single order canceled out of 50, there is a 2% declined in the order completion)
20% of 50 is 10

That’s means the seller has canceled 10 orders or 20% of the orders are canceled, so the order completion rate will be 100-20= 80%.

As Simple as that!!