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Order completion percentage is gradually decreasing


Hi there,
My order completion percentage is gradually decreasing. It was 87% almost 20-25 days ago, after that it is gradually decreased to 83% after few days it goes to 76% but now it is just remain 71%. I don’t know why this is happening to me.
I have completed 4 orders in these days to keep up this percentage maintain but it is increased just 7% and my total percentage of order completion is 78% now. My next evaluation of level 1 is on 15 January. I’m much worried about to drop my level 1. Please tell me any solution of this issue. Thank You


You had cancelation, that is why this happening. You need to complete at least 4/5 $ 5 orders before Jan 15th. so, the percentage will be increase .


It fluctuates and depends on what you did 60 days before.


tell me about your work which type of work are you doing?than i’ll suggest
you how you 'll increase your %age.


i’m working on Graphic Designing.