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Order Completion Percentage - Need Math Wizard

One stat I watch is my order completion percentage. It currently is at 95%. I have no idea how Fiverr calculates this percentage but it doesn’t make sense to me. HERE IS WHY:

PRIOR to June 5, 2017, my order completion percentage was 100%

One June 5, I had a mutual cancellation and it dropped to 96%

As of this date, I had no more cancellations since the June 5th cancellation but I have delivered and completed more gigs since the June 5 cancellation.

I would think since I delivered more gigs and had no cancellations my order completion percentage would go up? It stayed at 96% despite many more deliveries since the June 5 cancellation.

To add insult to injury, about 20 minutes ago my order completion percentage dropped to 95%. What?

I had zero cancellations since June 5 and have completed and delivered more gigs yet it drops??? That doesn’t make sense but maybe the formula for calculating your order completion percentage is beyond my comprehension.

Does anyone know the formula for the Order Completion Percentage???


Wait…I think I found it…Weird…first time I searched fiverr I found nothing…maybe the algorithm rotates for Fiverr also :slight_smile:

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