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Order Completion Percentage

Fiverr Administrator & Dear friends,

I seosea312, would like to know why is my order completion percentage decreasing day by day? Is it a bug or something else, please guide me.

Thank you


Did you recently cancelled any order ?
Its calculated based on orders you complete and cancel !


I cancelled 10-15 orders recently but I got more orders and got 90% still everyday it is decreasing.

What to Say?



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That is the reason !
Order completion rate is calculated over the course of last 60 days…

So eventually your completed order will be older than 60 days and cancelled order would still be covered up within 60 days… and you see your order completion rate falling down automatically.

But its system…not a bug !

Not to post extra comment : Thanks @vibronx :slight_smile:


What is said above about the Order Completion Rate is true!

Also, your gigs are violating Fiverr’s Community Standards, as you are promising outcomes that are not in your control. You promise a certain number of visitors, and you are also promising conversions! How can you know if a customer is going to purchase something? Promising something like that is extremely dishonest and misleading.

You are also talking about Google AdSense in your gig, which is absolutely not what you are offering. If you are offering real visitors, then you would be using Google Ads, not AdSense. A mistake like that seriously makes me think you are using bots, as it seems like you have no clue what you are doing.

Here are the rules from the Community Standards :

" Fake engagement and traffic

Do not post, offer or ask for:

  • Followers, subscribers, fans or views on social media platforms.
  • Fake engagement on any platform.
Promise a service outcome which is not in your control

In certain instances, sellers may be tempted to promise outcomes of their service which is not in their control. For example, guaranteeing to restore your Amazon account or promising an exact amount of viewers for a Youtube video by its digital promotion. Please refrain from promising outcomes that are not in your control because it misleads buyers."

PS: Nice new profile pic, @surajrenuka!


Thank you for so much for opening my eyes

Thank you so much for opening my eyes.

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