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Order Completion Proofs

Hello Everyone! As I am a new seller on Fiverr I have noticed that while submitting or delivering the final product, In the submission form, Fiverr asks to submit the proof - either by zip file or by jpeg image. In all my previous orders I forgot to enclosed that. Will it harm to my Fiverr profile or my score?

However, I am a web developer, clients give me their cPanel access where i log in and start working on project, besides, they provide me their website’s contents and images. So, after completion, i don’t have anything to deliver them, accept saying " please check your order before accepting the final delivery and recommend me if any changes you want to make it"

I am confused, and a little bit of panic now. Can anyone suggest to me how can I submit proofs for the previously completed project or it’s ok if I have not enclosed it? However, still, the buyers has not take any action or objection on this, in fact I have got 5 stars from them. So, should i worry or not?


In my opinion, you can send a screenshot of the website that you have worked on as a deliverable file.

how to access that? to submit it as a deliverable file.

This is for the future deliveries because It’s not possible to deliver the already completed orders.

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Ooh! got it. Thanks!

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