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Order completion rate: 98% but I always delivered on time


This morning my completion rate was 100%.
The last cancellation was on the 6th of november (more than 60 days).
I have never been late. Always delivered on time.

This morning I delivered an order (delivery limit time : tomorrow).
The buyer asked for a revision.
I delivered the revision within 30 minutes.
Then he asked a second revision.
Delivered it in less than an hour.
Then he opened a dispute and asked a cancellation. I declined.

And now my completion rate is 98%.
I don’t understand. I delivered this order on time.
Am I punished because I refused the cancellation ?


There is a difference with completion rate and delivery on time. You requested a cancellation of the project which means the project wasn’t completed. Hence, you would lose some for completion rate. This is different from “On Time Delivery”


You are right, my rating went down due to some cancel order


The buyer asked a cancellation and I declined the cancellation.
He has asked many revisions and i have 17 hours left to deliver this order.


Under which of the tabs in Order does that order show up? There´s not really a tab for “neither completed nor cancelled”, so perhaps until it´s the one or other, it already got moved to the “Cancelled” tab for the stats because there´s no tab it really belongs to? Not that I think that would be right, just wondering.


On the app this order is in “active” orders.
It’s written “16 hours remaining” as the buyer asked for another revision a few minutes ago.


Well, that´s weird then, though it might be coincidence that your rate dropped at this time, you may have read some threads where people wrote about shifting rates because the percentage fluctuates depending on when cancelled and delivered orders fall out or enter the 60 days. If it can´t be that either, no idea, I´d ask Customer Support then.


Thank you.
I will ask CS.