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Order completion rate affected by clients fault

After accepting an order I received more information from the client and I realized the client wanted me to do something I cannot perform as an attorney without breaking the rules of professional conduct. Therefore I had to cancel the order and my Completion rate was decreased from 100% to 86%.
Since I could not have known about this without placing the order I wish to know who can I speak to and explain the situation in order for my rate to not be affected.


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The cancelation will only affect your account for 60 days.

I’m not sure Customer Support can do anything about the order, as it’s already cancelled, but here:

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Hi there!

Sorry that this happened to you! Also for the future, maybe add something to your gig that says “please contact me before ordering to avoid misunderstandings.” Although that won’t totally rule out these types of orders, it’ll lower the chances!

I would recommend contacting CS at or you can leave a support request on the website.

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Bugger. I had similar on another platform.

If you don’t already have an FAQ that explains that as a lawyer (who likes his job) you can only do things that are considered ethical so best to run the whole story by me first…


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Thank you for the response

The cancelation will only affect your account for 60 days don’t worries

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