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Order completion rate affected for no fault of mine


My order completion rate has been negatively impacted from no fault of mine. WHy should i be penalised for this when the buyer placed wrong orders.

i had strange issues from two buyers in the last one month.

  1. Last month, Buyer placed two orders , after placing orders he starts asking why should i pay you this money when i can get 50,000 links in $5, i explain but the buyer turned out to be a novice and was inclined to go for cheaper alternatives or i explain to him all the reasons in seo from scratch. Now how can i do that in $5 , naturally orders were cancelled , buyer said sorry but that reduced my order completion rate.

  2. At present ,Having an issue with a buyer who has been after me for last 7 months to get a discount, wants to know all the blog urls that i have in my pbn. Before this order completion rate kicked in things were fine but now as it affects the user level. I receive two orders from this buyer and instead of sending me the details i need to complete the order, buyer send me this message “please inbox me for more details thanks” and when i contact him again in his inbox , he starts asking these questions again , tell me the urls of blogs you have etc. Now he is not providing the order details that i need to complete the order and he has marked himself as being out of office in his fiverr account . I have a feeling he is just doing this to get information from me somehow which i will not disclose or i suffer two cancelled orders again and bring the order completion rate further down.

My question is why should i be penalised for something that i cannot control ?.

I cannot control these

  1. Buyer placing order and than cancelling as he placed order on the wrong service or

  2. order from buyer who is just using this to extract information or make me suffer by negatively impacting order completion rate.


For the first issue, welcome to the club. Second, let CS know about your issue. They might help.


thanks your reply. Will definitely contact them tomorrow.


What is problem in giving the person link??
May be i am missing some thing i am new on fiverr so it is most probably i am missing some thing.
any way best of luck With CS hope it works out.


there is a good reason for not disclosing the urls of all sites in pbn . Anybody in seo knows this. i have messaged CS just now waiting to hear from them.


I am doing SEO it is new list with every cleint,
So really don’t know what you are saying, may be i don’t understand situations completely.

In the end i want to so say this – You know what best for you. So ignore every one including me.
Wish you luck with CS


No solution . i have been advised to remain calm and address buyer’s concern’s accordingly.

Buyer can purchase again and repeat this. EXCELLENT.