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Order Completion rate and its only One time Solution suggestion Poll


All the complaints regarding all the sellers relating to order completion rate can be solved only with this one thing.

Fiverr can add a option for seller whether to accept or reject the purchase of gig by any buyer . When the seller accept it then the gig purchase will be completed only. From this step sellers will be able to avoid mistakenly purchased and out of scope purchased gigs. Seller will be given short amount to time whether to accept the purchase or reject it like 15 mins in which seller could be able to talk with buyer and inquire their requirements.

And for charge back there should be policy like the order cancelled after certain period of time like one month ( normally the period in which charge back is claimed by the issuer) will not have any effect on order completion rate.

I think these two things only will make the life so easy for all the sellers on the fiverr .

Please vote for it and represents your majority to fiverr.

  • It should be done
  • No need to do

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Fiverr please listen to your people
Fiverr please listen to your people

I think they should add the option for sellers to be able to accept each order, though I don’t think it will stop all issues with order completion rate, including in the new levels system. eg. a buyer could order a gig (whether through the normal option or accepting an offer) and then put in requirements or make a change request for things that weren’t in the scope of the gig/offer or they could still decide to cancel for any reason (such as “ordered by mistake”) even after the seller has accepted the order to start work on it.


@uk1000 During the time given to seller to accept or reject , He could talk with the buyer and clear the things . It will solve the issue upto 90% and atleast it would be a step towards it .


I think this is a great idea and particularly some online services such as taxi services using the same idea.


kindly upgrade the 15min to 12 hours and also if not replied by the seller the order should automatically start in tht way the seller wont be able to blame any one as for the short time window 15 min is too short wht if ur phone batt is dead or u r sleeping or driving etc replying back in such a short span would be an issue


This will make buyer to wait and fiverr don’t want anything to be happened with buyer .


Buyers can wait. Buyers should be adhering to YOUR gig terms, not the other way around. There is nothing wrong with not responding within 15 minutes.


@jonbaas You are right but i m talking about fiverr that fiverr will not do this with buyer and let the buyer to wait for this thats why they also introduced available now feature and also involve our response rate.


Response rate is not adversely effected if you respond more than 15 minutes later. Response rate is effected if you don’t respond within a few hours.

As for “Available Now”, that feature appears to be a concession to sellers (perhaps like yourself) who wait around on Fiverr for sales, rather than going out, finding your target customers, and marketing to them. You don’t need “Available Now” to be successful on Fiverr.


Accept/reject order feature was suggested many times before. It’s highly unlikely it’s going to happen, though, because Fiverr’s “Browse. Buy. Done.” would no longer be true.


Surely that depends on the gig/type of gig. It also likely depends on the price of the gig. You are unlikely to just browse, buy and be done on a complex gig with probably multiple requirements especially if it’s an expensive gig, and more expensive gigs is where Fiverr is heading. It may have worked in the early days of Fiverr (or worked more) for simple $5 gigs but not for more complex, expensive ones. Also the buyer requests section is also about taking more time to select a particular gig (offer) before paying.


Yeah ! Now it’s time that fiverr can go with only create offer option. Buyer comes , Inquire from sellers about their particular requirement then ask seller to send an offer Please . Its Done !


The idea of fiverr is to make buying as simple as possible. For $5-$10 orders it would become a too complicated and long process. That’s not a solution. The thing is it’s hard to make buying simple and quick and to protect sellers at the same time.
The solution with 15 minutes for rejecting orders seems to be good. But it works only if the buyer is creating the order when the seller has a day time. There is often a difference in time zones which won’t permit the seller to check the order in time.

24 hours to be exact. It seems to be enough to reply on any message.