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Order Completion Rate at 95% Because Of No Fault of Mine

In the last one month, I had to cancel FIVE orders because of no fault of mine. All because accepting and completing each of them would’ve violated the TOS (Read assignments, college applications, etc.). While I don’t completely understand the implications of this decline in the completion rate, it is still pretty frustrating because resorting to either one of the two available options would affect my profile (one more drastically than the other, obviously). What annoys me the most is that all of these orders were placed without contacting me, even though my gig description CLEARLY instructs interested buyers to do so. I don’t really understand how buyers can place an order without asking the seller if they would be interested in taking up their project. Forget courtesy and everything, but what if I have an editing gig and I am incapable of forming a coherent sentence? Anyway, to comply with the TOS, I have to deal with the anxiety of guessing the implications of my declining completion rate. Now, I know I can get in touch with the CS and request them to not factor in these orders in the calculation of the completion rate. But that doesn’t always work, because the CS is handling too many disputes right now and for my last three cancelled orders they marked my dispute as resolved. I was asked to reply on the dispute thread if it was not resolved according to me! And the response was marked as resolved too, LOL. So what I am wondering at this point is, how bad is 95% completion rate? Could it push my gig to the second page?


I share your pain. I had a buyer place an order in early December for proofreading an essay. I asked CS to cancel the order without affecting my stats - they said they had, but I can clearly see that my completion stat is now at 98%. I’ll probably let it slide as life is too short, but it is annoying.

It would be useful if Fiverr built in the ability for sellers to cancel an order by ticking a box that confirms something like “The order breaches the terms of service”. I’m sure some sellers would abuse it - but it would be a much cleaner solution.

Also bear in mind that buyers do not have to contact a seller before placing an order. I know in an ideal world communication is key to ensuring a smooth order for both buyer and seller, but Fiverr has been set up to enable buyers to select an off the shelf gig. Too many sellers come to the forum saying “the buyer didn’t contact me even though my gig said they absolutely 100% have to”. Well, no…they don’t!


Haha yes, I am aware that they need not contact a seller, but if I am purchasing a gig, I would at least like to know if a seller I am interested in would be able to deliver what I want!
If not a feature that allows sellers to cancel orders because it violates TOS, Fiverr should prompt buyers to check the TOS before placing an order. Or maybe just a popup message asking “if they are sure they don’t want to contact the seller before placing an order.”
But yes, that’s too utopian, I’m guessing. But it’s just SO frustrating to see the stats falling on your profile, knowing that the only other alternative is to risk getting your profile banned. Oof. I have about 15 orders that will be marked as complete in the next ten days and the validity of one of the cancelled orders will expire (according to the 60-day time period). So hopefully this won’t affect my profile too much!


I’ve been selling on Fiverr since the early days. The platform has grown in complexity a great deal since then. Although I wasn’t here at the very start, I do know that gigs only cost $5 and the basic premise was that buyers could purchase a simple service ‘off the shelf’. Where Fiverr hasn’t kept up in my opinion is that many sellers are now offering far more complex services that do indeed require a conversation to take place between the buyer and the seller - if anything to ensure the two are a good fit. But Fiverr hasn’t really adjusted it’s model for this - which is why buyers can end up purchasing gigs that in some way harm the seller’s profile through no fault of their own. Anyway, it sounds like you’re doing very well as a seller - so continued success in 2021!


That does make a lot of sense! Thank you for your inputs and your kind words. Wish you a happy new year and hope you have a great 2021 as well! :slight_smile:

Yes it can push your gigs to other pages. Just knock out orders EARLY and quickly. The earlier, the better. And do a lot of orders, too.

Had similar issues in the last few weeks. My completion rate is 93% right now and it’s giving me crazy anxiety. I only write about video games and two buyers I had recently wanted articles about topics I have no expertise in. One was about gamer nutrition - which again I consider outside my expertise - and another about tea. Were anyone to simply look at my featured images they would clearly see I write about games. I contacted CS and gave them a lengthy rundown of how ridiculous it is for my account to take the hit on these situations. As expected, the response was that they feel a 10% grace line is adequate enough.

I guess now I have to wait for the 60 days review period and hope nobody with insane mental gymnastics decides to place an order for an article explaining why gamers should consider beekeeping as a next hobby.


Oh my! I can completely understand your frustration. If it helps, my gig ranking did not go to another page after the cancellations, nor did its ranking fall drastically. In fact, for a while today, my profile was ranked second under ‘Paraphrasing.’ The algorithm works in mysterious ways and seems like several other parameters are also being taken into consideration!

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