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Order completion rate - Buyer's Mistake

Recently I sent costume offer to a new buyer, and he order from gig, and again order from custom offer…then he realized and asked me to cancel one order and I did…same happened before few days…buyers ask me to stop working after few days of order, he said that he is not sure whether to do this or not and at last I agree to cancel…
My Order completion is down now and it can affect my profile…!
what should I do ?

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Not much you can do about previously cancelled orders - they only count for 60 days, and then your percentage rolls back to 100% so don’t worry about it.

They were both mutual cancellations - better than buyer cancellations or negative feedbacks! :slight_smile:


Can I contact CS for this ? Would they help ?
I even dont mind waiting for 60 days :smiley: but this is first time so thinking about ways!

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No - cancellations stay there - I doubt if CS could do anything - just wait the 60 days, and try to figure out if there’s anything you can do to reduce mutual cancellations in the future.


Yes :slight_smile:
I did all best but this was bad situation and I had to do that for them…!
Thank for your help @offlinehelpers :slight_smile:


This is from Fiverr support site:

All cancellations are taken into account when evaluating a seller. Fiverr is aware that some cancellations are inevitable, therefore, those types of cancellations will have a lower impact on your performance scores, which affect your ranking."
So it will have a minimal affect on your profile.

I would suggest contacting CS and explain to them in details your situation, I have had issues with my response rate and completion rate in past and they fixed it. Worth a shot! :slight_smile:


This is right. All sellers who are active will have some cancellations, partially because we will all have buyers who make mistakes.

Fiverr is trying to prevent sellers from just cancelling regularly, because they have too much work or they think they are going to get a poor review that they might deserve.

As long as your cancellation rate stays in the normal range among your peers, you have nothing to worry about. (Again: All sellers have buyers make mistakes… so not an issue.)

Find another buyer, and do great work for them. That solves all sorts of issues on Fiverr.


Absolutely! Great work and communication solves all sorts of issues on Fiverr but also, as a beginner, it feels nice to have everything set. :blush:


No argument there! We all love perfect 5 star feedback, and zero cancellations. BUT the real world seems to step in occasionally.

I didn’t get my first 1 star ratings until after selling 2500+ gigs. Then I got 3 of them in couple months, all from people buying $5 or $10 gigs (way below my average price).

I don’t love it, but life in the market, and it all works out in the wash.


when I try to contact CS there’s no option for my query in their popup ?

I can relate to this…:joy: Cheap clients (job) tends to be harder to deal with. :smile:

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You can submit it under the bug report section.

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In my low ratings, they were two $5, and one $10 voice overs, and in all cases, the client wanted a free change because their script changed AFTER I recorded.

One of them was even stranger, since the guy had used me before AND I’m the voice of his primary gig video! So while he loved me for a few months (and selected me for his gig video), he then said his experience was terrible with me.

Whatever… While I want all clients to be super happy, there are always a couple in every crowd. As the prices rise, I get fewer of these types of buyers.

All good, just keep on moving on. (Not news to most of you!)