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Order completion rate clarification


I wanted to ask what is bases of order completion rate? I am level two seller and want to make it to 90%. Past week I had it 83%, did two jobs to make it 85%. So I thought every order I do makes it 1% more. But after another job completed it went back to 83%. Had only one cancellation past month. Is there hope for me to reach 90%.


This depends on the order volume. If you talk about 100 orders you are right, if it’s 50 or 1000 orders, it’s a different outcome.


Calculate the date sixty days ago (you can ask Siri, Alexa etc)
Count the number of on time orders since then.
Count the total number of orders since then.
Divide on time orders by total orders and multiple by 100. That’s your percentage.
If your calculation differs from what the system says then raise it with CS.
There are bugs apparently. I’ve had to do this to get mine corrected.
Hope thats useful.