Order completion rate decreasing day by day


Hello There,

Unfortunately I am experiencing a problem recently that my order completion rate is decreasing 1% per day… I don’t know why this is happening… 1 order cancelled at last 10-15 days ago and my completion rate decreased 2% for that. But still my order completion rate decreasing day by day without any reason… This is really very bad. Is this happening because of the revision ? I don’t think so. If anyone can help me, that will be great.



Fiverr review is now calculated from the last 60 days. This means that if you’ve completed a lot of work beyond 60 days and had one order cancelled in the last 60 with no other offers, your completion would fall to 0%. if you did 100 daily jobs and 1 is cancelled with no new jobs, as the days progress, so will the number of complete orders reduce beyond 90 days which unbalances the ratio with the uncompleted one hence, a steady reduction.


Here’s a link to a post which explains this “intriguing” case of decreasing order completion rate with am illustration… Have a look-


Many Thanks @hanshuber16


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: :blush: