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Order Completion rate doping?

if i did not get any order in 60 days, then does my Order Completion Rate drop down?. i am already level one, help me

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No, think about how the metrics work.

It takes the total orders you have completed in the last 60 days, and divides it by the total number of orders placed.

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No it does not!
your order completion rate drops when you cancel orders.

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much thank full to you

sounds good. then even if it does not do a any work for 5 months level remain as same?

Think about it. Let’s say you have no orders for 6 months. Then the metric will do 0 divided by 0, which is 1 (100%)


yes like jake_hopkins explained !

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Well explanation . It seem even if i did not get any order then my order completion rate will be remain as 100.

It is a strange area of maths to be honest, I still to this day have to question how 0/0=1

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Yes bro jake. I still wonder how it could be 0+0=100%

Any way its good . Some times ppl do not get order for few months .the level we already got can keep it remains as its