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Order Completion Rate down Automatically -

Hi, a few days ago I canceled two orders and my
Order Completion gets down to 60%. Then I completed 1 order and It goes to 67%. But now I watched that It fell down again 60% and I didn’t cancel any order.
Sorry for Bad English


when your order completion rate is less than 90%…
after every 3 days 3% to 4% order completion rate can go down…

If you have any order going on this thing won’t be happening!

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Check your order section. I had this problem and I screenshot everything and sent it to Customer Services. There may be some technical problem on their side.

I canceled an order and for some reason it did not cancel properly on their system. My completion rate was going down and down. When I look in the order section (on my computer not on my phone), I saw that there was red writing with ‘25 day after delivery date’, I screenshot it and Customer Services fix it.