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Order completion rate down

Hey, please tell me . My order completion rate down automatically even i did not cancel my order. When I deliver order 1% increase then after one day they decrease 1% … My order completion rate 86% but now 83% :frowning: i really don’t understand what happen. Please any one help me what I do.

If you are not cancelled any of your orders and your order completion rate getting decreased, I suggest you to go with the customer support. Because there’s no any variable which affects your order completion rate than cancelling an order.

Sure, i will go CS.

The completion rate may be correct. They calculate it over 60 days so it is normal for it to change from day to day if you’ve had a single cancellation many weeks ago. Check this tutorial out:

Sure I will check. But let me know when cancellation occur order completion rate down 5% after cancellation then why again down after many weeks.