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Order Completion Rate drop 100% to 75%

One order cancellation drop my Order Completion Rate from 100% to 75% . is it right . one cancellation consume 25% . i never cancel any order before . it is 1st time .
is it okay ?? anyone


Well, that would mean that you had four orders over the last 60 days. Three completed and one canceled. You just have to deliver more orders to raise it.


No , i have 5 orders over the last 60 days. 3 already completed .1 is waiting for buyer response and 1 canceled

Yes, so the fifth order has not been decided yet, which means that the math is still the same. If the fifth order is accepted by the buyer, your order completion rate will be 80%.

overall i completed 20 order . is it does not mater?. just 1 cancellation drop 25% that’s bad .

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Yes, it is for the last 60 days as specified on your ‘Analytics’ page. Math is not good or bad; it just is.


@vibronx is 100% correct.

For sellers who have relatively few orders or who have very large orders that take a longtime to complete, one cancellation can have a massive impact on stats.

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But it is overall amount of the orders in $ and not the amount of orders?

The Order Completion Rate does not take the order amount into account.

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Thanks for the information.

Now things are becoming clearer.

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