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Order completion rate drop without any order delayed

What happened to my completion rate from 91% to 89% without any order delayed or cancelled?

I feel like this is an automate action meant to affect my account. Is anyone going through the same thing?

I have just recovered from from last page, then seeing such unfair action is disappointing.


Hi @hwriterhub
I understand your concern.
If you go to analytics, you will see the completion rate over the course of 60 days.
Means the completion rate counts for the last 60 days.
You may have some completed orders which already passed more than 60 days today or when you check so now all the calculations coming with the available order status within the last 60 days. In that terms, the new completion rate comes to 89%. As soon as the canceled order will be over 60 days, you will see, it will be increased automatically like how it decreased.


Thank you for your response. That makes sense.