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Order completion rate dropping


My order completion rate is dropping without no reason. I had 1 order cancelled and that happened due to the buyer could not explain what he wanted. Upon cancellation, the rate dropped from 100% to 92% and after that I didn’t get any order cancelled but my order completion rate is dropping and have reached to 83%. I am trying to contact support but I didn’t find a catagory for this issue in the drop down list. Can somebody tell me what is happening and how can I stop this? Thanks!


The order completion rate is an average taken for last 60 days … e.g. today you have 23 completed orders and 3 cancelled orders but tomorrow you might have 20 completed orders and still 3 cancelled orders so the completion rate changes like this ! hope it helps


Thanks for the info but this I already know, I am asking why it is continuously declining after just one order cancellation.


yes i gave the exact reason for that … let me do it again for you …
Simple maths … if your cancelled orders are not increasing then your completed orders are decreasing meaning that when it was 92 % you might have 7 completed orders but today if you take average of the last 60 days then your completed orders are decreasing if new orders are not completed at the same very pace… Thanks


After the one that cancelled I didn’t do any other order and no more cancelation and it is dropping after a fews days not after 60 or 30 days. If it has to decrease alteast it should descrease after the evalution date and not before that.


100% right answer