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Order Completion Rate Drops Because


First of all let me say, I appreciate my buyers / clients, without them Fiverr would not be possible of course. Within every crevice of society there are persons from all walks of life and we understand their circumstance.

With this said, it’s really sad that sellers are penalized because of buyers mistakes, this, I believe is neither fair nor just. My order completion rate has been taking a huge hit this month because of frequent cancellations for the following reasons:

  1. Buyers placing orders without having the materials and requesting that I wait until they get the designs. Of course I point out that this will not work in a kind manner and request an order extension, after-which these buyers then send order cancellation requests.

  2. Buyers who you’ve chatted with them about their project and mention to them that what they are requesting isn’t a service you provide. The buyer then ignores the comment, places an order for the highest amount on your gig and says “give you extra, make it good”, and then you have to politely explain, money is not a factor, the service is.

  3. Buyers who place orders ‘mistakenly’ (never figured this one out).

  4. Buyers who want to cancel for “found someone cheaper” half way through the project.

What say ye? Have you come across such persons?


When a buyer asks for revision,
Does the ticking time, affects the completion rate

It doesn’t, order completion rate is based on cancellations versus orders placed.

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I’m going through the same thing and it’s affecting the number of new buyers I’m geting, which dropped significantly this month,

I also just realized that simply using the resolution center for modification in the order’s details(like extending delivery time or changing the amount charged) also causes completed orders rating to drop even if there was no cancellation

this is some serious flaw on Fiverr’s part,

we’re geting hurt because of someone else’s mistake or for simply requesting a mutually agreed upon modification in the order,

that’s not right , is there anyway to contact Fiverr and let them know?

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I’m late to the convo, but yes, our percentages are affected by revisions. Just had a drop of 3% because someone wanted modifications.

I’m experiencing point no 2 right now. A buyer ignored our discussion, put 4 orders of the most expensive gig, ordered a few extras, and expect me to do something that is very different from my gig.
Cancelling all 4 gigs will greatly affect my completion rate, but it was the buyer’s ignorance that caused this. So unfair for sellers. We put a lot of effort to describe our gig, to explain to a buyer prior to placing an order, to deliver great contents, but our reputations can drop very easily because of these kind of buyers. So unfair.


Same here, just this week. Buyer buys a gig, then a day later asked for cancellation as she ‘had it covered’

Not my fault, but my completion rate dropped from 100% to 98.

Problem here is that Fiverr seems to be run by computers rather than people. The computers have their rules and stick to them. They don’t take anything into account which is outside the rules and care not a jot for sellers when they point out basic, simple flaws in the system. When you try to reason with them, you just get a standard cut-and-paste computer reply, which often has little to do with your problem.

Oh wait, perhaps I’m talking about the Fiverr Help desk…

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So, guess what?


So many forum posts, CS messages has been created and this case was discussed many times, and I’m still suffering from this “common-problem”.

But NO FIX?. No! Sorry, unfortunately, sadly, I mean, bad luck to you, I don’t think there will ever be a FIX(!) for this “common-problem” ever,

So, learn to “LIVE-WITH-PAIN”


Buyer buy a basic gig order then ask for a whole world with unlimited revision. Seller decline to do their requirement then buyer file a dispute for cancelling order with the reason " quality is poor " ( even seller and hundred returning buyer of that gig know that is not true ).

Today i’ve just accept cancelling one order like that. I dont mind to cancel an order because for me, money is not all i need. I feel happily everytime i got a feedback from my buyers but that reason of cancelling make me angry. Totally a scam buyer but we - seller have no way to avoid them since Fiverr protect them.

Exactly, am frustrated too

Order Completion is very very stress for me.Usually buyers buy a basic order and want much more than I provide on my basic order.When I send an extra gig they want to cancel order. I try to explain what I do for a basic order and sometime I get a “do it or cancel” :frowning:

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How hard can it be to FIX this clearly unfair problem - that CS acknowledges isn’t fair?
That’s what I find troublesome.

If you know something you implemented as part of an analytics system - that can interfere with your seller’s livelihood is severely flawed, why would correcting that not be a #1 priority…

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This morning my completion rate was 100% then an ignorant buyer shows up placed only $5 order without reading the gig description then replied to my question with 2 hours gap between every reply and after 24 hours she placed cancellation request which I accepted and now my completion rate is 75% , what a pain … :rage:

Ah, buyers like this are so tiring. I feel you!

Same here: I am a German copywriter and only write German content. It’s in the title, gig image, description and all the questions are in German. Still, 3-4 buyers a month manage to buy mistakenly and want a text in English. Fiverr could really use an update in this regard…

Yes. I wonder what the answer is to this problem. I definitely get what you are saying.

I had perfect stadistics until one client (who was reselling my services) cancelled the order after my work was completed, just because his client was changed his mind.

I don’t mind if i waste my time with no payed project. The thing is that my stadistics was damaged for that and so i can’t reach level 1 seller for three months. After that my sellings dropped a lot no matter what impecable rythm i had.

i wonder what fiverr do for cases like this.

This has just happened to me. The buyer ordered without talking to me first, even though I specifically ask them to do that in my gig description. They sent me a file to translate. But I couldn’t work with this file. It is not only that it was a complex, uneditable screenshot which needed to be prepared for translation by a professional graphic designer but also that it was a legal document. I am a translator but in my country any legal documents must be translated be a sworn translator who is given their authority by the government and I am not a sworn translator. Even if I made the translation it would be useless for the buyer.

So, the buyer order without contacting me, without reading my gig description thoroughly, without thinking, really, and I am the one who is punished for cancelling the gig? My delivery rate dropped from 100% to 96% and it will probably keep dropping because I am in a “big but rare orders” model of business. Now I will have to be on alert until the next evaluation date and risk demotion for this bullsh*t.

Oh, all that happened at 2 AM. What a great experience!

Buyer order then suddenly cancel for a dispute/refund. …reason?

bought from someone else
did not even bother reading description
trying to scam seller
bought mistakenly
completed order then cancelled for a chargeback
abusive buyers
and so on and so forth.

so no matter how cautious or careful you are with your ratings you can’t control buyers behavior’s and i do have few experiences with these type of people that get me with a warning and demote even with help, you just need to see the red flags before it hit you coming straight ahead and block them right away as you level up your more prone to abusive buyers and blackmailers they will hold you hostage and threaten you with words.
its not always sunshine there are also storm and rain.