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Order completion rate going steadily down

Hey everyone,

I had 2 orders cancelled due to personal reasons and for one I couldn’t provide them for the right service. Both was a mutual agreement. Also I have 2 orders that are completed. But recently I noticed that my order completion rate is steadily going downhill instead of being at 50%. I did had a recent new order. Is it because of that it dropped to 33%? Also on the side note: is completion order rate something that most customers look at?


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Your Order Completion Rate is calculated over the course of the last 60 days. So, as time passes, your old orders will become older than 60 days, and hence they will no longer be included in your Order Completion Rate. Thus, you might experience that your Order Completion Rate will decrease even as you receive no new orders.

Try calculating your Order Completion Rate over the last 60 days for yourself to see if it doesn’t add up.

Also, buyers cannot see your Order Completion Rate.